Q & A

Product Related Questions

  1. Do You Sell Generic/Brand Pills
    We sell generic as well as branded pills. Therefore, you can order any type. But if you are on a budget, you can always order generic pills.
  2. What Generic Pills Do You Sell?
    We sell top-quality generic drugs that are very effective at treating impotence. Our generic mainly contain vardenafil, Tadalafil, or sildenafil.
  3. What is the Difference between Branded and Generic?
    Generic ED drugs are simply replicas of the brand-name medicine, and they have precisely the same dose, side effects, and intended use. In fact, generics are way cheaper than the branded version.
  4. Why Are Your ED Drugs Cheap?
    Our products are cheap because we don’t spend anything extra on marketing. These products get in the country without registration; so, we do not pay taxes. The manufacturer doesn’t incur high production costs.
  5. Why Branded and Generic Pills Don’t Have the Same Shape?
    The generic company can’t use the same shape or name as the brand-name, since that will be breach of copyright.
  6. What is the Most Recommended Dosage?
    As far as most prescriptions are concerned, the most suggested dosage is 50 mg. You should not attempt to increase the dosage without your doctor’s approval.
  7. How Many Times Should I take Viagra in a Day?
    The suggested dosing frequency in most cases is once a day.
  8. Can I Use ED Drugs with Other Medication?
    You are strongly advised not to take ED drugs with medications containing nitrates or alpha blockers. If you have no idea of what this means, then you should see a doctor before using ED drugs.
  9. Can I Switch from One Drug Type to Another?
    Yes you can. One may function better than the other. In some cases, the substitute may have less negative effects than the one you were using earlier. However, you should consult a doctor before switching.
  10. What Would Happen If I take ED Drugs with a Pre-Existing Condition?
    If you have a pre-existing condition, you should always seek for a prescription to avoid catastrophic consequences. Do not risk it, your life is more precious.
  11. Are The Generic ED Drugs We Sell Approved by the Government?
    Yes. All the ED drugs we sell are approved by TGA in Australia and CDSCO in India.
  12. Which is the Best ED Drug on the Market?
    There is no simple answer to this question. The effectiveness of one drug type may differ from one man to another depending on personal body chemistry with the associated drug. But the most resourceful ones on the market include: Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.

Orders, Deliveries, & Services

  1. How Do I Successfully Place an Order Online?
    The process is quite simple, just choose the drug you would like to buy, and then follow each and every prompt. We’ll contact you via email in case we need additional info from you.
  2. What Forms of Payment Do You Allow? Can I Use PayPal?
    The payment options we use are limited. We accept E-Checks and credit cards. Sorry, we don’t accept PayPal.
  3. How Long Until I Receive My Order?
    You will receive an email that states your purchase details immediately you have placed an order. After packaging, the order will take roughly seven to fourteen days to reach you either by registered mail or EMS.
  4. Can I Successfully Cancel An Order?
    You can, only if our supplier hasn’t shipped the order. This normally takes places within twenty four hours once you have placed the order. You can send a cancelation request via email.
  5. What Can I Do If My Delivery Takes Longer Than Usual?
    We kindheartedly ask you to confirm which shipping method you’re using. There’re some that may take longer. Delays at customs may make deliveries take longer to reach you.

Company or Website

  1. What is Our Company’s Online Security Policy?
    To make sure that your personal info is fully secured, we use all the necessary administrative, electronic, and physical procedures. We’re fully protected from unauthorized users. Your confidentiality is our primary concern.
  2. How Do I Register with Your Website?
    As a new customer, we would request you to register with us by providing a few details, such as your email and passcode. Afterwards, you can login using your email and passcode.
  3. What Happens When I Forget My Passcode to My Account?
    We’ll request you to submit the email you used to register your account. Then we’ll send a link that you will use to reset your passcode.